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LG Innotek Builds a Clean and Safe Future through UV LED


On March 7th, LG Innotek unveiled the direction of its UV LED business at a press conference held in Seoul, South Korea. At the press conference, CEO, Jong-Seok Park, and Vice President of the LED Business Unit, June-O Song, discussed LG Innotek’s intention of vastly expanding the market.
UV LED is an advanced semiconductor light source that emits ultraviolet light. By chemically reacting with particular substances, UV LED can be used to improve medicine, biotechnology, curing, lithography and more. Depending on its wavelength, UV LED has the power to eliminate germs and viruses, disinfecting water, air and surfaces.
At the press conference, CEO Jong-Seok Park said, “UV LED is an innovative light source that can make our lives cleaner and safer, improving the quality of life.” He also added, “Since it has enormous value, we will play a leading role in expanding its market.”
LG Innotek plans to expand the market by developing more advanced and innovative UV LEDs that will provide the world’s best performance with the cooperation of other players in the market.
LG Innotek plans to develop a UV LED for sterilization with an optical power of 150mW this year and that with 200mW next year. If the development succeeds, the company will surpass its current record of 100mW, which was set last year and is currently the world’s highest optical power.
UV LED exhibits higher sterilization efficiency as its optical power increases, which helps broaden the scope of application. According to an industry projection, its adoption will increase rapidly if its optical power reaches 150 to 200mW. Once optical power reaches this level, it can be used in large-scale waterworks treatment facilities. Currently, household appliances including water purifiers and air purifiers only use 2-10mW.
LG Innotek plans to actively cooperate with partners for the expansion of the UV LED eco-system. Its intention is to help competent companies develop and market various UV LED applications, so that they can be recognized for their immense value and continue to grow.
To this end, LG Innotek plans to support partners via a “Total Commercialization Solution,” which includes R&D, product evaluation and authorization, global marketing, and competency enhancement. The goal of this plan is to give substantial support to mid-sized businesses having trouble commercializing their UV LED applications due to lack of technology, human resources, etc. even though they have an idea for its application.
With strong sterilization performance and various useful characteristics, the UV LED market has an exceptionally bright future.
According to an experiment conducted by Professor Dong-Hyeon Kang of Seoul National University, LG Innotek’s 100mW UV LED killed 99.9% of salmonella in 3.4 seconds, showcasing excellent sterilization. It has also been seen disinfecting and sterilizing germs and viruses such as E. coli and mold.
The market research firm, “Yole Développement”, predicts the global UV LED market to grow more than seven times – from USD 151.9 million in 2016 to USD 1,117.8 million in 2021.
On the same day of the press conference, LG Innotek held the “UV LED Forum” at the LG Science Park in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The venue shared the latest UV LED technology and product development trends. A massive success, the forum held 1,000 people, including those from various industries, academia, and associations in the field of home appliances, furniture, sanitary facilities, medicine, manufacturing equipment, and more.
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